Christian Pilgrimages

Christians from around the world and from every denomination come to Israel to embark upon a spiritual journey that strengthens their faith.  It’s my job to facilitate that journey for you.

Whether it’s interpreting archaeological sites which bear witness to events described in the Bible, arranging a Mass or Holy Communion, or just ensuring that you have a moving, fun, safe and comfortable experience, I’m at your service.

Catholic Pilgrimages

Protestant Pilgrimages

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Meet the Cast

On your tour of Israel, we’ll be delving into quite a bit of history. I’m here to help you get the most out of your trip by putting the places we visit into an historical perspective. By focusing on the countless individuals who’ve left their mark on the Israel you’ll see today, we can bring history to life. So join me. Let’s meet the cast of the drama I call ‘Israel.’ Let me introduce you to some of the cast members of David's Land.