Herod the Great

Herod the Great(73 – 4 BCE)

The Roman Empire is the greatest the world has ever known. And the culture of Rome is the highest standard of civilized men. In ruling the province of Judaea, I owe my absolute loyalty to Rome.

My grand building projects, such as the city of Caesarea for which I’m so proud, were built to glorify Rome (and myself!) and Roman Hellenistic culture. But political considerations aren’t my only motivation for the works I initiated in David’s Land. In the splendid palaces I’ve built, I have created residences worthy of my greatness where I can relax and live as I please, far from the scrutiny of my provincial subjects in Jerusalem and throughout the Land.

I’m also a Jew and a king over my people Israel. Haven’t I demonstrated my loyalty to the Jews enough by rebuilding our Holy Temple in Jerusalem in magnificent proportions? Why then do they continue to oppose me? I can trust nobody and have been forced to eliminate my enemies, even the sons I discovered were plotting against me and my favorite wife, Miriam the Hasmonean.

I may not be remembered as a nice guy, nor a family man, but I can assure one thing—my greatness will live on for eternity, long after I’ve departed this world, in the splendid edifices I created that transformed David’s Land.

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