“David Wexler’s remarkable understanding of the history and cultures of past and present day Israel is impressive. His ability to present this knowledge in a passionate and easy to understand fashion is equally valuable. You can decide how in depth you would like to go and you will not be disappointed. David can make your visit to Israel an unforgettably, amazing, experience of a lifetime! His English is impeccable as he was born in the USA!”
Kathy Lehan, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

“David is an exceptional guide. He made my first trip to Israel a truly memorable and rewarding visit. I learned so much from his vast knowledge and expertise. David really maximized our time by coming up with fabulous itineraries that allowed us to see everything we wanted in a short amount of time. I definitely recommend him to anyone planning a trip to Israel.”
Noel Dolan, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

“Thanks to David, I enjoyed my first time experience in Israel. The tour was very informative and David made the places we visited more memorable. The walking tour for me was the best ever. David’s enthusiasm made me feel totally engrossed in the sites we toured and the trials and tribulations of the times. I am eager to return to continue where we left off. I’m already trying to figure out when I’ll be coming back to Israel!”
Angela Bulmer, Erlanger, KY, USA

“David did an excellent job of informing us in a delightful and friendly way. I am so overwhelmed and speechless at the sights I saw and the things I heard that I can hardly process it all. I’m very grateful to God for the opportunity to travel and I’m grateful to David for being instrumental in educating us.”
Carol Pelger, Ligonier, PA, USA

“Thanks to David we will always have great memories of our time in Israel – we learned so much from him and had a great time discussing theological, political and cultural issues. We hope to return someday and will surely contact him to take us around again. It was great that David managed to adapt the trip to suit us and went out of his way to accommodate our changing needs. Without David to guide us, our trip would have been just another trip, but now it is a highlight of our travels.”
Ranjit Das, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia

“David’s knowledge of the history of Jerusalem from the Christian and Judaic perspective provided me with amazing insights during the tour. He presented details in a manner that was interesting, relevant and insightful. This was my first trip to Israel (and thanks to David it will not be the last). One day in Jerusalem clearly did not scrape the surface of what can be seen, visited and learned. I am confident that if you choose David to be your guide you too will be amazed by his skills and knowledge. Do not hesitate to book him now while you have the opportunity.”
Paul Cripps, American Expat in Amsterdam

“David is the consummate tour guide. He is profoundly knowledgeable about all things Israel, and will regale you with facts about the country’s historical, cultural, and political landscape. Beyond that, though, he is personable and a pleasure to spend a day with; a foodie with a fantastic rolodex of where and what to eat; and organized and professional, with prompt email replies and thorough planning before you step foot off the plane. Don’t go to Israel without making David a part of your visit!”
Stacey Paul, New York, NY, USA

“Thanks to David, our family experienced Israel in a way that far exceeded our expectations. He worked closely with us to develop an itinerary that told the important stories of Israel – ancient, spiritual, and modern – all at the same time. He brought to life the places we visited and sites we saw putting them in a context that connected the dots. He is passionate about sharing his love of the people, culture, and history of this amazing land and found a way to connect with everyone from our 11-year-old to the grandparents. He is all at once professional, personable, incredibly knowledgeable, and just plain great company.”
Tom Wilson, Belle Mead, NJ, USA

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